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Tandy Employee Foundation

IMPORTANT: The San Antonio Area Foundation continues to process hardship requests during this time. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and taking the necessary precautions to maintain our ability to assist those in need. PLEASE NOTE due to IRS regulations, we cannot assist with lost wages due to reduction in hours or missed work. We can assist in situations of spousal or household income loss outside of those employed by Tandy Leather. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the San Antonio Area Foundation at 210.242.4744.

Since 1919, Tandy Leather has been making an indelible mark, building a community centered around the celebration of leathercraft. Though far-reaching, this community begins with Tandy’s employees. It is only through their passion and commitment that Tandy has been able to champion the art of leathercrafting, year after year, decade after decade. We know that the success of our employees is synonymous with Tandy’s success, and ultimately the success of our ever-growing community. That’s why we established the Tandy Leather Employee Foundation. TLEF provides emergency assistance to current Tandy Leather employees who are experiencing immediate, unforeseen financial hardships. Whether medical challenges, displacement due to inclement weather, or simply struggling with life challenges, Tandy Leather wants to be there in support of its employees.

Tandy Leather has established guidelines for financial assistance. Employees do not have to contribute to the foundation to be eligible for assistance, but they are encouraged to make a tax-deductible donation via payroll deduction or one-time donation. All requests for assistance are reviewed and approved by the San Antonio Area Foundation. Applications and fund distribution are confidential, current employees can submit an application online or by mail.

Apply Now

Download a PDF version of the application.

Tandy Leather is committed to continually building an organization that cares, and to developing a positive, supportive culture, which is why we’re excited to give our employees the opportunity to join us as we grow this fund and enhance our long-standing tradition of fostering community and giving back in meaningful, impactful ways. To establish the fund, Tandy Leather has made the initial contribution, and will continue to grow the fund by pooling donations from the company, suppliers, and you, its employees. Tandy Leather invites you to invest in yourself and others – make a donation and make your mark.

Give by mail

Mail your check payable to San Antonio Area Foundation, 303 Pearl Parkway, Suite 114, San Antonio, TX 78215. Write Tandy Employee Foundation in the memo line.

Give by payroll deduction

To contribute through payroll deduction, complete the pdf authorization form and submit to

Give online

Our giving portal has changed. Please go to to donate.

303 Pearl Parkway, Suite 114
San Antonio, TX 78215

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