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TheConrad Tullis Conrad Smiles Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation began in December 2011 to support research to improve the understanding and treatment of anoxic brain injury. Conrad Tullis was 17 months old in January 2004 when he fell into a swimming pool for an undetermined amount of time. When EMS arrived he was in respiratory distress and only given a five percent chance of survival.  Conrad did survive, but upon his discharge from Santa Rosa hospital in April 2004, he had severe disabilities and was given a dim prognosis. Conrad has steadily progressed, showing signs of normal behavior that are uncommon in people with severe brain injury.

The Tullis family’s journey brought them to a standstill in treatment, because Conrad’s progress surpassed medical knowledge on anoxic brain injury. “We have realized that this is an understudied condition, and we need to help forge the next step – further research on anoxic brain injuries,” Liz Tullis, Conrad’s mother, explains.  Doctors are starting to acknowledge that varying degrees of recovery are possible. However, assessing the functional status and long-term prognosis is difficult and there is a significant gap in objective measures of brain function integrity to assist caregivers with management/treatment decisions. The Tullis family thanks you for your interest in the research for anoxic brain injury that will benefit Conrad and other near drowning victims.

Read more about Conrad and the Tullis family here.

Your support will enable the critical research needed to understand how to best care for those affected.

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303 Pearl Parkway, Suite 114
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